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The steep historic hike of Nærøyfjorden

The view from Rimstigen towards UNESCO Nærøyfjorden on a beatiful summers' day. On the left, Breiskrednosi looms high above.
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Nærøyfjorden is one of the most spectacular fjords of Norway. Snowy mountains loom high above this narrow strip of greenish blue water. Waterfalls send meltwater cascading down the sheer cliffs. By the fjord lies a small village and scenic farms. This unique mix of beautiful fjord nature and a living culture has granted this region a well earned spot on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

Rimstigen provides a spectacular hiking route to the mountains high above the fjord, through lush forests and up steep rocky steps.

Trip outline

Rimstigen is a historic path used by the farmers of Bakka to herd their farm animals to the summer pastures on the other side of the mountains. Looking up from the fjords’ shore, the ascent to the hanging valley called Rimstigbotnen looks improbable. The steep, forested hills look both impressive and intimidating. Luckily, the Rimstigen path is well made, winding its way steeply through the lush forest, under the looming presence of Bakkanosi (1398). We pass close by the impressive waterfalls of Tufteelvi.

As we gain altitude, the view gets more and more impressive. At an elevation of 700 metres, the path reaches easier terrain as we approach the hanging valley of Rimstigbotnen. This is a great spot for our lunch break. Your guide will set up a stove and prepare a light meal and some hot drinks. Meanwhile, you can look down upon the tiny boats and kayaks on the still surface of Nærøyfjorden far below.

After a well-earned rest, we head back down the way we came up. During our steep descent, we can only marvel at how earlier generations of farmers were able to lead their livestock up and down these hills to the summer pastures in the mountains above.

På veien mot Bakka ved Nærøyfjorden. Breiskrednosi i bakgrunnen.

Reasons to go

Nærøyfjorden is a place of wild natural beauty, stillness and peace. The locals still living here, maintain a close relationship with the surrounding nature. Our hike up Rimstigen gives us some idea of the challenges faced by earlier generations in order to survive in the rough fjord nature. Your guide is happy to share some of the local history with you, providing depth to the experience.

The path up Rimstigen is one of the most remarkable, old mountain farming routes we know of! From the lush greenery near the fjord we hike up steep sections towards gentler slopes with grooves of mountain birches. Bubbling creeks, mountains and rivers are all around us.

Season and availability

This trip can be booked daily between June 1 and October 15. Please click «Book this trip now» to secure a spot.

Physical requirements

The hike up Rimstigen follows a steep path. It is well made, but would still be considered challenging by most hikers. Participants on this hike should have some previous mountain hiking experience and be reasonably fit. A couple of passages might feel intimidating if you are sensitive to heights.

Necessary equipment

On this hike you will need the following equipment:

  • Sturdy hiking shoes or hiking boots.

  • Waterproof clothing (shell layer).

  • Small rucksack (20 litres).

  • An extra t-shirt and an extra sweater.

  • Beanie or a cap.

  • A buff/scarf and a pair of gloves.

  • Sun glasses and sun lotion

  • Some snacks and a water bottle.

  • Trekking poles are highly recommended.

  • You might also bring swimwear and a towel, if you’d like cool bath on the return.

Meeting point and practical details

​We meet at our office on the first floor of Tre Brør Café (Google maps) near the town square in Voss at 9.30 a.m. We make introductions and go through our clothing and equipment before driving to the starting point at Bakka. The drive takes about 55 minutes. 


You could also meet us directly at Bakka, if that suits your travel plans better. We are back in Voss around 5 p.m.


Prices and terms

The price for this trip is NOK 1790,- per person (minimum price is NOK 3580,-). We offer a discount of 25 % to groups of at least 4 people booking together. The price for children aged 8 to 14 is NOK 1190,-.

Group size: 2 - 10 participants.

Included in the price:

  • A qualified guide during your entire trip.

  • Pre-trip practical information and service.

  • A light meal of locally crafted food, including drinks.

  • All necessary safety equipment.

  • Access to extra clothing and trekking poles free of charge.

  • Transportation from Voss to the starting point and back to Voss.


Not included in the price: 

Transportation to Voss ahead of the trip. 

By booking this trip, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed upon our Terms of service (pdf) and Risk and liability statement (pdf).


Getting to the starting point

From Voss, follow E16 towards Gudvangen for about 45 minutes (46 km). Exit E16 towards Gudvangen, drive past the ferry terminal, and continue through the tunnel and along the narrow road number 241 towards Bakka (5 km). Continue through the village of Bakka to the car park on the right hand side, approximately 250 metres out of Bakka. Please note: there are farm animals grazing close to the road near Bakka.


A note on responsible travel and sustainability

At Wild Voss, we put in a continuous effort to reduce the ecological and environmental impact of our trips and activities. We aim to follow the latest GSTC criteria for sustainable travel. As a participant on one of our trips, you should know the following:

  • We follow the Leave No Trace principles.

  • We make use of zero-emission infrastructure whenever possible. 

  • Our trips are on foot, skis or snowshoes, causing no emissions and limiting the impact on nature and eco systems.

  • Our guide will share knowledge about local culture, sites we visit and local customs.

  • We support responsible local businesses.

  • Your guide will advocate low-impact travel and raise the participants’ awareness of local wildlife.

  • We abide by laws and regulations concerning travel in free nature and cultural landscape.

  • We seek to minimize waste, and choose products and packaging with long life spans.


Reservations, questions or inquiries

Please call Øystein on +47 93484041 or email us at post@wildvoss.no


​Breiskrednosi and Rimstigen trip details

  • Estimated total distance: About 7 kilometres.

  • Estimated total duration: 4-5 hours.

  • Elevation gain: 750 meters.

  • Trip grading: Challenging - red. Steep path, partly on rough ground. A couple of exposed sections.

  • Suitable for families: Yes. Lower age limit: 8 years old. 

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