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Alpine experience in the Rosendal Alps.

Level: Advanced

Towering peaks, alpine ridges and oceans of granite, rise between the fjord of Hardanger and the Folgefonna glacier. Hardanger is often referred as the queen of the fjords. If you are looking for steep demanding hikes on a place where fjord Norway could not be more fjord Norway, you have found your adventure. The Rosendal region is one of the most renown regions in west Norway for climbing and alpinism. It does feel intense to summit those rocky peaks surrounded by glaciers after a long day on the steep trails, ridges and with the view of several hundred meter walls enclosing the fjord. 

Trip outline.

Our circuit has three highlighted mountain. Two of them are graded as black level hikes, meaning extra difficult. They require around 1500m of vertical gain and around 20km from car to car. The third one is a 10km with 1000m uphill hike, graded with medium difficulty. We selected those mountains because they are probably the most spectacular mountains you can reach hiking without climbing or sustained scrambling in that region of Hardanger. All of those three mountains are definitely true norwegian pearls. There are many more hiking possibilities in the area and we can find both easier mountains on the menu for you, as well as some that will require technical scrambling and/or climbing. Just let us know your requirements!

Our Hardanger haute route has two main differences with our Nærøyfjord haute route. On the one hand in our Nærøyfjord haute route we aim for a circuit hike on the mountain area above the fjord on self sufficiency (***although the base camp is set by a porter of our team) and spending our nights at a base camp. On the other hand, the logistics for our Hardanger haute route consist of using a cabin as our base camp by the fjord and each day going to day trips. This allows us for flexibility of adjusting the mountains on the menu with the weather and give us the chance of not only enjoying the high mountain terrain, but as well the fjord. We can take a swim on the fjord after a long hiking day, plan an extra rest day for doing kayaking, visit the local bakery or have a walk in the village.

Mountain selection:


-Ulvanosa + Geitadalstind (Uskedalen)

20-25km, 1500m uphill. 8-10h. 

-Melderskin (Rosendal)

12km 1400m uphill. 8h.

-Kvanto (Dimmelsvik).

8km, 1000m opp, 6 hours, 

EXTRA DAY or alternative days:

-Bjørndalstraversen. A classic long and technical ridge that requires light alpinism maneuvers. 20km 1600m uphill, extra difficult.

-Bjørndalstind we hike to the top of the mountain described previously but without entering the long ridge traverse. Intense hike that will take us to the core of long alpine ridges right by the Folgefonna glacier, but without entering in technical terrain that will require alpine maneuvers. 

-Gygrastolen 14km. 1450m A classic tour with a last scrambling soft ridge. A short narrow ridge passage is required for reaching the real summit. Great mountain for a beautiful hike with a taste of alpinism. Extra difficult.

-Glacier walking in Folfefonna.



The meeting point will be in Rosendal. Rosendal is reachable from Bergen by Express ferry as well as by bus. Alternatively the participants can travel with our guide from Voss by car. In the region of Rosendal we will use a cabin at the base of the fjord as a base camp. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be arranged.


Responsability and safety

The hiking days will always be assessed by our guides regarding safety. In case of extreme weather, or if the safety of the group is not guaranteed, hiking days may be canceled, modified or delayed. Several sections of the hikes are complex, weather exposed, and can be difficult to evacuate by a rescue team. Our guides are qualified for mountain navigation, they carry safety gear, they can handle first aid situations and are trained in high mountain safety protocols. 

We ask our participants to join this hike with a certain margin of confidence, experience and fitness. The trip consist of long and challenging days in the mountain. If you are unsure regarding your level of fitness, you can contact us and we can discuss it. 

Season and availability

From mid June to mid October. 

The season for this hike will start as soon as enough snow has melted from the mountains. On an average year that will happen towards the middle of June. The first weeks of the season we may have to walk over sections of snow towards the top. 


From July to the beginning of august is the summer season. Most of the snow should be melted from the hiking trail. We can face rough weather, covered in gore-tex, as well as hike in shorts, tank top and three layers of sunscreen.


Towards mid september there is a beautiful color show as the fall starts to settle in. The sun still heats during the day while the air is fresh and crispy. In the fall in Norway the sky takes a very special color especially at sunrise and sunset. At the same time it starts to be cold in the nights and the first snow falls of the season are possible on the mountain tops. 


Prices and terms

Ordinary price with all inclusive: (cabin and food)

3 day experience from NOK 7 500 per participant for a private group of four participants. This option may be modified according to the government criterias for handling the corona situation.

Ordinary price without cabin and food:

3 day experience from NOK 4800 per participant for a private group of four participants. Possibility of setting a base camp in the area.

By booking this trip, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed upon our Terms of service and Risk and liability statement.


A note on responsible travel and sustainability

Wild Voss make a continuous effort in reducing the ecological impact of our trips and activities. We aim to follow the latest GSTC criteria for sustainable travel. As a participant on one of our trips, you should know the following:

  • We follow the Leave No Trace principles.

  • We make use of zero-emission infrastructure whenever possible. 

  • Our trips are on foot, skis or snowshoes, causing no emissions and limiting the impact on nature and eco systems.

  • Our guide will share knowledge about local culture, sites we visit and local customs.

  • We support responsible local businesses.

  • Your guide will advocate low-impact travel and raise the participants’ awareness of local wildlife.

  • We abide by laws and regulations concerning travel in free nature and cultural landscape.

  • We seek to minimize waste, and choose products and packaging with long life spans.


Reservations, questions or inquiries

Please call Øystein on +47 93484041 or email us at post@wildvoss.no .